Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wyoming and back to Colorado

After soaking in some hot springs, I dipped into Utah and spent 2 days in Ogden, Utah. Went on a great trail run and did some bouldering before heading into WY.

Drove by this campground and spent the night.

It turned out to be a mecca for climbing. (Notice the climber in the right side of the photo.)

My buddy, Kevin, is traveling around the US as well. We finally crossed paths in the Boulder, CO area. Here he is with Taytem.

Sara and Taytem got to picked something out of Kevin's Traveling Free Box.

Taytem and her brother, Boone, had fun playing in the van with Pirate.

Skated the new skate park in Lafayette, one of my favorite parks of the trip.

The pool was going off. Chris Sessions backside air.

This photo is for Matt C. Evil Jay was close to 15 feet over the coping by the end of the night.

Nine holes of disc golf with Kevin and his funny hat.

Lunch at VG Burgers in Boulder. All vegan and all delicious. Kevin got the Teriyaki Bowl, and I went with the Spicy Black Bean burger.

Boulder Falls was flowing strong.

Pirate was staring at this gal . . . . .

Her mom was there taking tons of photos. Maybe this was her prom dress.

While walking through the park, we came across some L.A.R.P.ers (Live Action Role Playing). This photo goes out to Dan S. I hope this brings back some childhood memories for ya, Dan.

Notice the one old dude on the left ready to battle.

Went to the Boulder Farmer's Market for dinner.

Kevin and I got each got a papusa. Stuffed with black beans, this corn cake was fried and topped with guacamole, a spicy sauce and cole slaw.

A few of Kevin's friends meet up with us, and we played Farkle. www.pocketfarkle.com

HK made a surprise appearance and played 3 songs.


Dan Samarov said...

Dude! I love that you ran into a park of kids LARPing, that is totally badass (I have to admit that I'm very close to giving in to the urge to bust out my LARPing gear and going medieval on some peoples asses around Dupont... then again someone running around like one of the guys from 300 probably wouldn't be too unusual in my neighborhood)! I hope you went in there and gave 'em what for.

Looks like you all are having an amazing trip! Can't wait to see ya when you're back east, lets round up some folks and and plan a trip to the Shenandoah's!


www.pocketfarkel.com/ WITH lz and joe and the poet

the biker is Evil Jay

and the corn cake is called a papusa...i think.. it's el salvadoran in origin.

miss you, buddy.