Sunday, April 3, 2011

Austin, TX

We arrived in Austin and stayed with our good friends Amity and James. Austin has a non-profit called Austin Pets Alive that is dedicated to making Austin a no kill city. This is Harold. We visited him and a few other special guys a couple of times while in Austin. This friendly guy almost came with us on the rest of our trip.

Ruby is around 3 and she lives with Amity and James. It took Pirate some time to figure out that Ruby likes to play rough.

We ate lots of yummy vegan food while in Austin. Fried avocado tacos at Torchy's.

At Mr. Natural we had tofu and sunflower seed tamales and some other tofu dish that I can't recall what it was called.

More good vegan food at Mother's Cafe. Here is James and Amity. Amity's sister, Emmaline, was also in town visiting.


Boys vs Girls Game Night. We played Catch Phrase, Taboo and then Pictionary. Good times. (The boys won!)

We left Austin for Enchanted Rock right as SXSW was kicking into gear. Enchanted Rock State Park has a pink granite pluton rock dome that raises about 425 feet above the surrounding terrain. We came to hike and try to do some climbing.

This is the view of Little Rock from the parking lot.

To the right is the Big Rock with tons of hikers making their way to the top. It was a Friday and Spring Break so it was packed.

Walking to our climb which was overrun by a guide group of well over 50 teenagers. They took up every top rope or sport route under 5.11. We had to hike further in and try to find something suitable to climb.

This was the next spot we tried to climb. As you can see, it is pretty much all slab. Not my strong suit.

Pirate at the base of our route. Super hot and very little shade. I would love to try this place again during a less crowded time. They actually closed the park around 10am because it had reached it's capacity. Crazy.


Emmaline said...
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come on.. i'm serious... i need a pic of adam and pirate sleeping in the van... MORE van life photos, less nature and shit!!!!

Ian and Diana said...

Friends don't let Friends climb slab.
But I like it! Therefore we will go multipich slab climbing at looking glass when u get back.